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Mission Statement

The Promise Land Department of Leisure and Security (PLDLS) emerged from the unwavering commitment and determination of visionary leaders in America, prompted by a sobering wake-up call delivered by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The report claimed that "urgent" and "unprecedented" changes were necessary to curb global warming and prevent "the risks of drought, floods, extreme heat, and poverty for hundreds of millions of people." After the New Promise Coalition crafted a fair and equal proposal to conserve resources through the Promise Bill 1200, the PLDLS was established to ensure the equitable implementation of the Promise Bill 1200 across society, irrespective of economic status or background. Additionally, its role included safeguarding the nation against domestic threats that could hinder the achievement of its goals.

At the heart of the PLDLS's mission was the imperative to responsibly manage the population and preserve the abilities of the most capable citizens. Through thoughtful and compassionate policies, our department aims to strike a delicate balance, promoting sustainable population management while fostering an inclusive and supportive society. It is crucial to emphasize that our strategies are rooted in ethical and inclusive principles, valuing human rights, equality, and the dignity of every individual and adhering to respectful and responsible practices.

The strategies implemented by the PLDLS are grounded in comprehensive research, collaboration, and public engagement. By incorporating diverse perspectives from experts, policymakers, and community leaders, our department ensured that our decisions were well-informed and representative of the nation's diverse voices.

We created the systems that dictate which ten cities will be reduced each week, along with the quick and virtually painless reduction method – the Freedom Canines.
Later on, we introduced the Leisure branch to spearhead programs that celebrated the efforts of everyday citizens and ensured their utmost happiness during challenging times. The Leisure branch focuses on ushering in a new future of sports, entertainment, and culture in the Promise Land.
As the PLDLS continues its transformative work, we breathe life into a new vision of America—the Promise Land—a land where humanity and nature coexisted harmoniously. This vision embraces the principles of environmental stewardship, social justice, and progress for all, striving to shape a brighter and more sustainable future.

The Promise Land Department of Leisure and Security's dedication to the well-being of the nation and the world garnered admiration and respect, inspiring other nations to follow suit in their pursuit of a better tomorrow. The PLDLS, alongside the Promise Bill 1200, has become a symbol of hope and resilience, a testament to the power of unity and collective action in the face of daunting global challenges.

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