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Save America, Save the World.

We believe we are moving America towards a nation with more inclusivity, tolerance, and access to resources. The Promise Land  Department of Leisure and Security is an organization dedicated to ensuring a vision for crossing boundaries.

The Promise Land Department of Leisure and Security started in 2034, after the introduction of The Promise Bill 1200. We were created to regulate and monitor the current population count and ensure only the best make it to the Promise Land! But monitoring over nineteen thousand American cities, towns, and municipalities ISN'T easy.  We rely on volunteers like you to help keep America safe and on track. 


We exist to unify the nation at a time where we are dangerously divided. We don’t just need your help, we want you to be a part of this change. Find hope and purpose in these unsettling times by joining the Promise Land Department of Leisure and Security today! 

We know these can be scary times, but together we can thrive.

Ready to join us? 
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